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In Game Mechanics


Doors are what separate the inside of a building from the outside, and subsequently act as a barrier between the citizens from the zombies.

Opening/Closing Doors

With doors at closed or weaker, any Citizen player may freely enter or exit a building without having to use the open and close door commands. Instead, citizens may simply use the 'Enter/Exit building' command for 1EP to gain automatic entry. Anyone entering a building in this manner will have the doors close automatically behind them. Smart zombies, contrary to citizens must use the open/close door command to gain entry to a closed door building. The doors will not close automatically behind the player, so Smart zombies must use the 'Close Door' action to do so. Both opening and closing doors cost 1EP

Securing a Door

Any closed door can be secured for 3 ep giving the door an extra 10HP. A secured door cannot be opened by a Smart Zombie, and must be damaged back down to destroyed for them to do so. Secured doors also block any citizen standing outside from being able to enter the building through them, but like zombies, citizens can damage the doors back down to closed to gain entry without having to try to climb in. When inside a building however, citizens are able to leave the building without having to spend EP to unsecure the doors first. Citizens are able to leave by clicking on an adjacent square or by using the exit building command. The doors will not be re-secured after leaving and as such will remain at 'closed' until a citizen inside re-secures them.


Citizens have the option of securing and barricading any door, forcing players to either climb in or out through a window, or destroy the door to enter or exit the building.


Each set of doors has 120 HP. Below is a list of the damage levels (HP) every door and its reinforcing has and how it's viewed in the gameplay interface.

Level 0 to 0: destroyed
Level 1 to 10: badly damaged
Level 11 to 20: damaged
Level 21 to 30: weakened
Level 31 to 31: closed
Level 32 to 42: secured
Level 43 to 53: loosely reinforced
Level 54 to 64: lightly reinforced
Level 65 to 75: strongly reinforced
Level 76 to 86: very strongly reinforced
Level 87 to 97: heavily reinforced
Level 98 to 108: very heavily reinforced
Level 109 to 120: extremely heavily reinforced

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