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In Game Mechanics



Items and installed equipment such as fuse boxes, lab equipment, control panels, generators or radios can become damaged and destroyed by attacking zombies. Humans have the option to repair such an item for 2 EP an action. This is even more important as some items will only work when at or above a certain state of repair.

Ruined Buildings

Any human who buys the 'Basic Repair' skill can repair a building with a toolbox. Engineers are the only class that can efficiently repair ruined buildings. A ruined building has five levels of repair. The cost of repairing a building varies depending on the skill level of the player.

Door Repair Failure

For every zombie present on your floor, there is a 20% chance to fail any door repair action. This fail can chance climb up to 100% with 5 zombies present, making any door repair action impossible. A failed repair does not cost the citizen any EP loss, but merely prevents them from completing their action.

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