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Scientists are responsible for two things; to keep the zombie population in check via injectors, while researching the cure that will enable the surviving humans to defeat the zombies for good.


  • Researching the Cure
  • Injecting Zombies
  • Creating Fresh Antidotes
  • Playstyle Analysis

Researching the Cure

Researching the cure is a skill unique to scientists. Cure research progresses when computers process brain samples. As scientists are the only class capable of taking brain samples[/cms] from zombies, this makes scientists crucial to a human victory. Theoretically, scientists are the only class necessary for a human win.

The process involves using brain samplers to take samples from dead zombies. Up to 25 samples can be collected at a time in a brain sampler, though the sampler must have battery power at all times or all samples will be lost. These samples are then entered into a PC (personal computer) that is connected to a working internet service provider (ISP). When cure reaches 100%, humans win. While working internet is not necessary for the cure, it is extremely difficult to reach 100% on a single computer. Therefore, all humans should contribute to keeping ISPs up and running.

Injecting Zombies

All humans have a 30% success rate of injection on live zombies. However, scientists have the ability to increase their success rates to 55% and then 80% with the purchase of jet injector skills. Injections must be delivered with a jet injector loaded with a working antidote (ie: not expired) on a live zombie. The standing zombie must be at 5 HP or under. The sole exception is when the injector is using a green antidote, which must be specially created by a scientist.

Scientists may either revive willing zombies to their previous human status, or combatively inject zombies to lower the zombie population. Both are legitimate strategies, though it should be noted that willing zombie conversions tend to stay human longer after having been revvived than a zombie that wishes to stay green.

Creating Fresh Antidotes

Taking blood samples from zombies to create fresh vials of antidote is another ability unique to scientists. Scientists may use blood samplers to take samples from live zeds and use lab equipment (located in laboratories, typically on the top floors) to craft green vials of antidote. Green vials can convert at a maximum of 10 HP rather than the 5 HP limit; however, their potency makes it possible for a zombie to be outright killed even on the first attempt if the injection fails. Nevertheless, most failed injections do not deal the maximum 10 HP damage possible; the fact that an injection may be attempted at 10 HP means more HP leftover if the first injection attempt fails.

Playstyle Analysis

Scientists have the greatest variety of roles in a single class. Scientists often choose to specialize either in brain sampling or injecting, both of which require different skills and different playstyles. While it is perfectly possible to play as a lone scientists, there are some benefits to coordinating within a group such as having access to the group metamap of PC locations, unsampled zombies from fresh kills, and teammate assistance in hitting zombies into the injectable HP range. Nevertheless, the degree to which groups coordinate vary widely, and the same assistance can come from unaffiliated humans.

Scientists rely heavily on the tools of their trade. Samplers use brain samplers and/or blood samplers, while injectors use vials of antidote and jet injectors. While scientists are absolutely crucial to winning the round for humans, this also makes them more vulnerable when zombies dominate and have already ruined the majority of the city.

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