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Barricades are a humans main defence against the zombie hordes. Humans can barricade any door or stairwell inside a non-ruined building to prevent both zombies and civilians from using passing through. If a door or stairwell is barricaded, players must either knock the barricades down, or use their climbing skill to climb over them. The level of reinforcing a barricade has is displayed by text such as 'lightly reinforced' or 'heavily reinforced'. Each of these damage levels determines the total HP on the stairwell or door, and how much damage it will take before breaking open and allowing players to pass through.


Citizens can barricade a door for 3 EP. Each time a door is barricaded, an additional 10 HP is added to it. Doors have a total of 12 different damage levels, with a fully reinforced door having 120HP.


Citizens can also barricade a staircase for the cost of 2 EP. Each time a staircase is barricaded, an additional 3 HP is added to it. Stairwells have a total of 8 different damage levels, with a fully barricaded stairwell having 25 HP.


Citizens can choose to unreinforce any barricaded door. The action costs 3ep, and removes 10 levels of reinforcing. Alternatively, citizens can attack a barricade instead, potentially removing the barricade altogether. Be warned that such actions may not win you any friends from any citizens in the building, who are using those barricades for their protection.

Barricade Failure

For every zombie present on your floor, there is a 20% chance to fail any barricade action on a stairwell or door. This fail chance can climb up to 100% with 5 zombies present, making any barricade action impossible. A failed barricade does not cost the citizen any EP loss. It merely prevents them from completing their action.

Barricade Levels

Both door & stair barricades have a different amount of hit points that determine the total level of damage they can take before being destroyed. Each level represents 1 point of damage.


Level 0 to 0: destroyed
Level 1 to 10: badly damaged
Level 11 to 20: damaged
Level 21 to 30: weakened
Level 31 to 31: closed
Level 32 to 42: secured
Level 43 to 53: loosely reinforced
Level 54 to 64: lightly reinforced
Level 65 to 75: strongly reinforced
Level 76 to 86: very strongly reinforced
Level 87 to 97: heavily reinforced
Level 98 to 108: very heavily reinforced
Level 109 to 120: extremely heavily reinforced

Stair Barricades

Level 0 to 0: not barricaded
Level 1 to 3: loosely barricaded
Level 4 to 6: lightly barricaded
Level 7 to 9: strongly barricaded
Level 10 to 12: very strongly barricaded
Level 13 to 16: heavily barricaded
Level 17 to 20: very heavily barricaded
Level 21 to 25: extremely heavily barricaded

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