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What is Quarantine 2019?

Quarantine 2019 is a browser-based zombie apocalypse multiplayer game where humans and zombies fight to gain control of a quarantined city. Players battle it out to complete different game objectives which ultimately determine the victor.

How does it play?

Players initially start off as Zombies or Citizens, and perform actions using an energy points system to determine such things as attacking others, barricading, attacking doors, infecting citizens, or sampling zombies, all of which help each team get one step closer to to ultimate victory!

Your mission

Zombies: Destroy the city. Ruin every single building on the map and fill humans with despair.
Humans: Perfect the cure and get it to 100% completion! Save humanity before the virus spreads too far!

Check out the Human or Zombie beginner guides.

These aren't the answers to life, the universe, and everything, but it's a great place to start.


The FAQ is a list of frequently asked questions about Quarantine 2019.

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