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Game Rules

  1. Play Nice - Let's play nice. Be respectful and polite to other players and they'll probably do the same.

  2. Play for your side - If you want to help the zombies, play a zombie. If you want to help the citizens, play a citizen. This means that stealing or destroying items, debarricading and/or opening the doors on purpose, broadcasting the location of safehouses is not allowed. Doing anything to intentionally harm or disadvantage your fellow teammates is considered a violation of this rule. Repeatedly doing it may result in a suspension or even a ban.

  3. Watch your words – Usernames, player names, private messages, chat messages, radio broadcasts and spraypaint message are seen by everyone, so keep it clean. No flaming, personal attacks, racism, sexism, trolling, spamming, griefing, or other rude behaviors please. Moderators have discretion in deciding what constitutes the preceding offenses. While we try to give players the benefit of the doubt, keep in mind that many other players may see your messages and what may seem unoffensive or funny to you may in fact be offensive to someone else.

  4. Multiple accounts – Players may now only have one account. Both of your characters must not be in the same location within 5 hours of each other. If two characters controlled by the same player are caught collaborating, where one character's actions benefit the other in any way it will result in one or more accounts being banned. Having more than one accounts will result in a ban of all accounts.

    NOTE: Having 2 accounts was previously allowed before multi-character support was added. If you still play an account that was created during this time, playing both is temporarily allowed until such time that we offer the ability to merge your characters and achievements into one account. All the above rules still apply to both accounts.