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Frequently Asked Questions

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You know the drill. Those questions that get asked again repeatedly? We answer them here.

How fast do Energy Points (EP) regenerate?

You regain energy points at a rate of 1 EP per 7 min 12 seconds. This also means you are at full EP every 6 hours, or 4 times a day.

I'm dead. What do I do?

Click on the "stand up" link and enter the amount of EP you want to use to stand up. For humans, the formula is EP x 2 = HP. For zombies, it is EP x 2 + 10 HP = final HP.

How do I check my kills/deaths/injections/infections? Or someone else's stats?

Your kills, deaths, infections or injections can all be found by going to your profile. Simply click on your or someone else's underlined name. Your profile can also be accessed from the player info panel underneath the minimap, or at the top of the page where it says your level.

I want to play more than one character!

You can play up to 2 characters at the same time, in the same round. Having more than 2 is against our rules and puts you at risk of being banned. You can create and enter a second character into the round by going to the navigation bar at the very top of the page, where it has a drop-down menu with your current character name and a link that says [manage] next to it. If you don't see this, look to the top-left corner of your page and click the "show" link to unhide the navigation bar.

Where can I find round statistics?

You can find these statistics at the statistics page, also linked to in the main(green) navigation bar. It's a very useful tool with information such as how many people are human vs zombie, what people are classing as, the percentage of the city that is ruined, and the cure completion status.

Where can I find RNG rates, resource points, item find rates, and building type colors? Or even the items list?

This information is available on the Game Guide, but an alternative resource is the Beta Tools page.

Help! I've hit my daily IP limit! Or, what is this daily IP limit?

If you've hit the daily IP limit or see a message about it, that means you've accessed the page more than 1,000 times within the last 24 hours. This limit is in place to prevent abuse, such as auto-refreshers. Since Quarantine2019 isn't a fast-paced game, there is no need to refresh constantly - you are limited by your available energy points (EP) anyway. In any case, your refresh limit resets at midnight on Pacific Standard Time. If you have multiple people at your IP and find the IP limit is too restricting, maybe you should consider buying premium membership for unlimited daily hits.

I thought there would be 3D!

Sorry, zombies ate our code. There won't be 3D in the near future.

I've been banned!

You may submit your ban for arbitration and/or appeal on the forums, in the Arbitration board. We suggest familiarizing yourself with the rules so you don't have to ever post in that forum.

Don't see your question?

Give us feedback in the forums! Specifically, in this thread.

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