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Zombie Guide

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Make sure you have only one account in the game.

This is important if you plan on not getting banned for rule breaking. As of Game Update 6, because you can now play 2 characters on one account, there is no need to have more than one Quarantine2019 account. You check the rules here.

Energy Points

If you want to survive in this game, the first thing you have to know is how to manage your energy points. Every action you take costs a certain amount of energy points, whether that is walking, attacking, or eating brains. You're also capped at 50 points total at any one point in time, so be cautious. Energy points regenerate at 1 point per 7 minutes 12 seconds (1 EP / 7:12 min), which means you will have a full 50 EP every 6 hours, or 4 times a day. There's a couple of different ways to spend your EP - use it whenever you have enough to move around, or save up for the full 50, and that's up to you.


Movement costs about 1EP per square, or flight of stairs. Any of the blocks on the Minimap display to your left that are clickable are squares you can access, with each square representing one block. Steps may be horizontal or vertical, or diagonal, but always one at a time. You enter a building by going to that block and clicking on either the building's name, or by clicking the "1" indicating the first floor. Movement across floors similarly is through clicking the stairs in the text, or by clicking the floor number you want to go to. For leaving a building, you can click directly to the next block instead of exiting through the doors. However, as a zombie, doors will be a barrier to you. If you are trying to get in, you must open the doors (something only the smart zombie class can do, or destroy the doors with your claws.

Leaving, on the other hand, is much easier. Click on the building name to "jump out of the building", which can be done if the doors are intact or if the stairs are barricaded. Keep in mind, however, that you will lose health points when you jump out of a building. Also, because smart zombies are able to open unreinforced doors, smart zombies can only jump outside if the doors are secured or higher.


As a zombie, your weapons are your teeth and claws. Claws deal 2 damage at 35% accuracy when you start the game, and can be used on objects as well as humans. Bite, however, can only be used on humans and other fleshy critters. At 3 damage 25% accuracy bite deals more damage in one hit, but while a low level zombie, you will find more doors and objects to destroy than humans. Therefore, choose your leveling up strategy carefully when you decide where to invest your first 50 Skill Points (SP), which are given to you automatically at the start. When you find a human or door, fusebox, etc to attack, click on its name. A drop down menu will appear which will give you the choice of bite or claw, as well as the accuracy percent you have according to your current level of skill.

Staying "Alive" and Staying Green

As a zombie, staying "alive" is optional. If you die, you can just stand up again. However, death will use up some of your EP when you want to stand up again, and in some cases, it can be easier to hide while you sleep than to stand up again. This really depends on personal preference. If you don't care about staying "alive", just skip to the next section.

Keep in mind that sleeping on the streets is suicide. If you abandon your character on the streets when you leave the game, your zombie is still standing there and at the mercy of every human that walks by. This also makes your zombie vulnerable to injection, where humans can try to use an imperfect cure to turn you into a human. If you plan on staying a zombie, there are several things to note: humans have to find you, and humans also have to bring your health into an acceptably low range before they can inject you.

While being injected is far less likely than being turned into street pizza, the methods of avoiding both are the same. If the harmanz can't find you, they can't kill you (or inject you). Buildings that stand out are likely to be investigated. If your building is the only one in the district with the lights off or doors destroyed, you are in a human dominated district and they are likely to poke around because the building looks unusual. Find a building that looks just like any other. Lights are the the most easily seen indicator of something being wrong, so if your building is the only one on the mini-map with lights off, then it stands out much more than being the only building with doors open or destroyed, precisely because a human must actually walk to your building to see the doors status.

The other part is health. As a zombie, staying alive is optional, as is having high health points. However, if a human is only looking to kill zombies, having high HP makes the human more likely to go looking for another zombie. This is not guaranteed, but it makes you a less attractive target, particularly if your HP is close to full. Likewise, as injecting humans have to lower your HP to 5 in order to turn you human, you are a more difficult target if you have high HP. For keeping your HP high, you can eat brains. Do this by clicking on the username of dead humans and choosing to either "Eat brains" or "Take brains", which will store them in your inventory for later. Zombie players may also choose to buy ranks in the "Swallow Flesh" tree which allows them to regenerate based on how much human flesh they eat.

Skills and Classing

In this game, skills are not tied to levels. Therefore, levels mean nothing in this game; what matters is what skills you buy. Certain actions you do reward you with skill points (SP), such as attacking doors or humans. When you accumulate enough of them, you may buy skills. The skill menu can be accessed by the "Skills points" link to your left, in the Character Info panel, or by clicking your username at the top of the page under the "Play" tab. The page displays what skills are currently available for you to buy. If you want to know what skills you already have, just look at what you can buy and you will have the level before it. If you cannot buy a skill, either you do not have enough skill points or you have already bought every available skill in that tree. There are also 3 zombie classes you can buy in the game, which are exclusive; if you buy one class, you will not be able to purchase skills from another class.
  • Smart Zombies: have the unique ability to open doors, which not even humans can do, allowing a zombie to avoid having to completely destroy a door to get inside a building. Also makes the last 2 ranks of Infection available, allowing a zombie to get 8% and 10% infect per bite. Smart zombies are also the only class that can make pack calls, which lets the groaning zombie determine how many other zombies there are in the area.
  • Strong Zombies: the only class able to ruin buildings, which is how zombies win the game. While strong zombies have access to the highest and most powerful claw and bite skills, their real important lies in being able to ruin buildings.
  • Infiltrator Zombies: previously known as "fast zombies", Infiltrator zombies are the only zombies able to climb into buildings, allowing them to completely bypass doors when preying on humans. A useful scout class if playing in a group, infiltrators have the easiest access to fresh meat although climbing fails result in high deaths until players have adequate climbing skills.

Death and Standing

In this game, death is cheap. While technically already "dead", zombies can die when their health points go to zero. If a player is asking if you're dead or alive, answer based on your HP, not your Living Dead status. When you're dead, you have the option to stand up again, using a minimum of 10 EP. Each EP is translated into 2 HP when you stand. As an example, 10 EP becomes 20 HP. Zombies also have a default standing bonus of 10 HP, so the actual number formula is

EP * 2HP + 10 HP = Stand Up Health

Turning Green Again

If you are unfortunate enough to have been turned human, then put "Infect me" into your human profile description. Your profile may be accessed through the the "Manage" link at the navbar at the top of the page, right next to the drop-down menu with your current "character name (active)" next to it. From there, you can choose to edit your character. There's no particular way of being turned zombie again, since pretty much any zombie that finds you will try to eat you, but if you are lucky enough to have contacts with zombie groups and/or high level infect zombies, that can make your life easier. Always make sure to stand using the minimal HP because your lower health will make infect easier.


Zombies have a chance of infecting with every single bite and claw that they do. Although the infection itself will not kill a human, the human will rise as a zombie when he or she stands again. This means that when you attack a human, your attempts at infecting are automatic, and you will be told you have a successful infect in the same message that pops up when it tells you that you have successfully bitten or clawed someone. Infects also gain you 3 XP. Clawing has half the infect rate of biting, and the 50% multiplier is done after the difference in Infect levels vs Resistance levels are calculated. You may buy up to the 3rd level of Infect (6%) as any zombie, and up to the 5th (10%) as a smart zombie. You cannot take or eat brains from someone you have infected.


The win goal of zombies is to ruin every single floor in the game. While ruining can only be done by strong zombies, ruining can only be done if the zombie is inside the building and the fusebox on that block, as well as any hooked up generators on that floor, are destroyed. Computers and other equipment other than generators and fuseboxes do not affect ruining. Every single zombie can attack doors (to get inside), fuseboxes, and generators, making it easier for strong zombies to go ahead and focus on ruining the floors.

Also, the computers that scientists use to research the cure only function if they are undamaged, meaning that a single swipe from them will destroy its working capacity. Internet service providers are also crucial to the human win, so zombies should attack the routers located on the top floor of ISPs to disable internet for that district. Ruining the ISP will make it more difficult for humans to get the ISP working again. Power plants, which are critical in the early game in order for humans to be able to obtain weapons and items, can also cause trouble for humans when disabled. On a similar note, when there are less humans (and more zombies around), the game gets more difficult for the remaining human players.

Above all, remember that Quarantine2019 is a team game, not a combat game, and each class has its own part to play. Work together, have fun, eat brains!

You may be interested in reading the Human Guide to see how humans play. Know thy enemy.
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