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Strong Zombie

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The Strong Zombie is a zombie class focused on destruction. The initial class skill provides +10 Max HP, and a +10 HP heal every time you stand up. It also allows you to ruin buildings.


Strong Zombies play a critical role in the zombie victory. Because Strongs are the only zombie class that can ruin buildings, the zombie side must have enough Strongs to counter the human repair effort.


Strong Mutation (250 SP)
Unlocks Strong Zombie class skills
+10 max HP, +10 HP everytime you stand up, and allows you to ruin buildings.
Expert Claw (350 SP)
+10% accuracy to claw attacks
Expert Bite (350 SP)
+10% accuracy to bite attacks
Power Bite (250 SP)
+1 dmg to bite attacks
Power Claw (250 SP)
+1 dmg to claw attacks

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