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Injection is the humans way of converting zombies back to human by ‘curing’ them of their infection. Without injections citizens would quickly find their numbers dwindling as the zombies slowly infected the entire city. While injections can help combat the zombie infection, it will in no way stop it. Injections slow down the zombie hordes long enough for the citizens to research the cure.

Injecting Zombies

Any citizen in possession of a jet injector and a vial of antidote can potentially inject a zombie, but only the Scientist class is proficient at it. Even with injector skills, another aspect for a successful inject is dependant on the quality of the antidote currently loaded in the injector. Zombies become 'injectable' when they reach either 5 or 10HP. Green vials can be used on zombies with 10HP or lower, while vials at yellow or worse need the target at 5HP. With a successful inject to a zombie at or below the correct HP, it will “slump to the floor” as a dead human, cured of its infection. Red vials only have a 50% chance of working on a successful inject attempt. Any vial at yellow or worse that fails its injection does 0-4 dmg to the target zombie, while failed green vials do none. Attempting to inject a zombie above the necessary HP required for the vial being used will cause yellow, orange, and red vials to inflict 5 dmg on a successful hit, and 0-4 when failed. Green vials, on a successful hit do 10dmg, and 0-10 when failed.

Injecting Humans

Injecting an infected citizen with any unexpired vial will cure them instantly. Using a vial on an uninfected citizen has no effect at all.

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