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Cure Research

In Game Mechanics



The ultimate win condition for the citizens is to research the cure needed to save the city from the zombie virus. While other classes may help, Scientists are the only class that may actually research the cure. Once the cure has been researched, the game is completely reset, and a new round will begin.

Gathering Samples

The first step in cure research is acquiring a brain tissue sampler. Scientists can use it to acquire brain samples from dead zombies. Only one sample can be acquired from each corpse, however any sampled zombie who stands up after being killed can be re-sampled again.

Submitting Samples

The second step to the cure is to find and set up a computer inside a building. Scientists can empty their brain sampler into a computer to submit those brain samples for processing. Computers can also share info amongst each other via an ISP. For every computer processing samples, a bonus is applied to the overall research goal. Each computer can only have 1 sample of any specific zombie in its queue at one time. Whenever submitting a sample to a computer that already has a sample from that zombie in its queue, the computer rejects it and the sample is lost.

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