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Computer Computers are the main tools used by civilian Scientists to help research the cure. Hooking Up To hook up a computer, citizens must first drop the item from their inventory. When the computer is on the ground, citizens can open the drop down menu and select the 'hook up' command. Using a Computer To see the local computer status, “use” the computer and on click on “Research”. Once in the research application, scientists can click on “Network” to see other computer statuses, “Queue” to see the processing queue for the local computer, and “submit samples” to connect their brain sampler to the computer and submit them for processing.


Every computer has 35 hit points (HP), and any damage to them will cause them to become inoperable until repaired. A zombie who destroys a computer is granted an additional 15 bonus SP. Below is a list of the damage levels (HP) every computer has and how it's viewed in the gameplay interface.

Level 0 to 0: destroyed
Level 1 to 7: severely damaged
Level 8 to 14: badly damaged
Level 15 to 21: damaged
Level 22 to 28: battered
Level 29 to 34: dented
Level 35 to 35: good working order

Item Statistics

Size: 25 IP
Max carryable: 2

Find rates
10% - Internet Service Provider
10% - School
5.26% - Laboratories

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