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Batteries can be used in portable radios and brain samplers. Every battery found on its own is fully charged. Every battery-operated item found starts with a random battery level; between 50% and 100%.

Removing a Battery

Citizens can remove the battery from any device and place it in their inventory for future use. However, removing a battery will cause it to lose 42 hours (25% of maximum) of charge life. Batteries with less than 42 hours life remaining cannot be removed, and the batteries in brain samplers, which contain brain samples, cannot be removed at all.

Battery Life Indicator

When a battery-operated item is turned on, you can see the battery life indication in your main game screen after the item name, in the gadgets section. Hover your cursor over the battery indicator to get a more precise battery life percentage. Each “state” has a meaning: Indicator -
Battery percentage - Meaning
76% - 100% Battery full
51% - 75% Battery good
26% - 50% Battery medium
15% - 25% Battery low
1% - 14% Battery very low (less than 24 hours left)
0% Battery empty

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