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Lab Equipment

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As an alternative means to searching for jet injectors and vials of antidote, Scientists have the option to create their own vials of antidote by taking blood samples with a blood sampler from any standing zombie. Lab equipment can generally be found on the highest floor of any laboratory building. Creating Vials Scientists can use any functional lab equipment and submit up to 4 blood samples. Each sample costs 1EP to submit and grants a 25% chance to succeed, with 4 samples granting a 100% chance. Durability Every set of lab equipment has 35 HP, and any damage done to them will cause them to become inoperable until repaired. A zombie who destroys a set of lab equipment is granted an additional 5 bonus SP. Below is a list of the damage levels (HP) every piece of lab equipment has and how it's viewed in the gameplay interface.

Equipment Health

Level 0 to 0: destroyed
Level 1 to 7: severely damaged
Level 8 to 14: badly damaged
Level 15 to 21: damaged
Level 22 to 28: battered
Level 29 to 34: dented
Level 35 to 35: good working order

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