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Medics are the ultimate healer and support class in Quarantine. Medics can learn diagnostic skills to detect player HP, and can learn skills that upgradable their heals. Medics are required to keep other citizens at high Health Points (HP) and General Health (GH), to avoid becoming easy prey to zombies. A basic classed medic can use a medkit for 1 EP to heal 10 HP and gain 1 SP/XP for every HP healed up to a max of 10 per heal.

Healing Experience

Medics gain 1 SP/XP for every 1 HP healed up to a maximum of 10 per heal.  For example, if a player heals for 15 they will only gain 10 SP/XP.


Medics are the most flexible class in terms of playstyle. They work great in groups and highly organized gameplay, but are also excellent for independent gameplay. As a medic, it's easy to maintain your health and keep yourself alive, provided you're careful in choosing where your character is when you log out. Once the player has bought the appropriate skills, medics don't even need medkits anymore. This allows the player a great deal of flexibility, compared to engineers and scientists who rely on equipment and tools.

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