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The soldier class is perhaps one of the most popular classes among new players because of their offensive ability. Soldiers have an extra +10 HP compared to most citizens and the greatest accuracy with weapons and hand to hand combat.

At this point it should be noted that Quarantine2019 is not a combat game. The goal of each opposing side is to complete their win conditions; for zombies it is to ruin buildings, while for humans it is to complete the cure. Most players encountered within the game will not be active at the time of meeting, so any real-time advantages in faster click speed or greater damage output actually have limited impact.

Playstyle Analysis

While soldiers have no direct impact on the human win condition or cure, soldiers are suitable for individual play. Soldiers are not heavily item reliant, possess greater maximum health (and therefore a slight advantage in infection resistance, so long as the player maintains high HP and buys the appropriate infect resistance skills), and altogether are a fairly independent human class.

It is a good idea to dump fresh kills out of buildings and onto the streets, and to broadcast the location of the bodies for sampling scientists if the player wishes to be useful to the human win.

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