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Price Guarantee Policy

The Overview

We offer a price guarantee when buying points from our online store. Points can be used to upgrade your account to premium, purchase in-game perks, and items. From time to time we may lower our prices, offer sales, or have other promotions. We guarantee that if you buy points and the price goes down within the next 10 days, we'll credit the difference (in points) to your account.

How it works

If you see a price drop in points you just bought within the last 10 days, goto our support section and create a new ticket. If you are eligible, we'll compare the points per dollar you paid to the new rate. Let's say you bought 1000 points for $6.00. Now say a few days later the price goes down to $5 for 1000 points. The new rate is 200 points per dollar. Since you paid $6.00 (1 dollar more), we'll credit you 200 points ($1.00 x 200).


This policy only covers point purchases. All other merchandise sold is not eligible for this price guarantee.