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Engineers can repair damaged buildings and reinforce barricades to a stronger point than any other class. Non-Engineers can make some repairs too, but they require a toolbox and cannot fully repair buildings. Engineers on the other hand can fully repair buildings (with the purchase of the Reconstruction skill), and do not need a toolbox to make repairs.

Class Roles

Engineers are critical to human victory. Engineers repair ruins create by strong zombies. As the round goes on, ruins are created more quickly and Engineers must repair them to stop the city from becoming completely ruined.

Playstyle Analysis

Engineers are somewhat reliant upon tools to function. Repairing is an EP heavy activity and toolboxes greatly reduce the amount of EP required to fully repair an entire floor. Engineers can work alone or in groups, but teaming up with another engineer definitely makes the job quicker. However, coordinating repairs can be as simple as a radio call or finishing up a building that has been left partly repaired by another engineer.

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