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Citizens can hook up a small portable generator that runs on fuel. If ever the power to the district goes out, a generator that's hooked-up will automatically power on, and provide electricity to the lights, radioand computer on the floor the generator is located. A generator can only power a single floor at a time. Any generator hooked-up to a floor must be destroyed before any strong zombie can ruin that floor. Hooking Up To hook up a generator, citizens must first drop the item from their inventory. When the generator is on the ground, citizens can open the drop down menu and select the 'hook up' command.


Every generator has 50 HP, and will continue to work no matter how much damage they take. A zombie who destroys a generator is granted an additional 10 bonus SP. Below is a list of the damage levels (HP) every generator has and how it's viewed in the gameplay interface.
Level 0 to 0: destroyed
Level 1 to 6: almost destroyed
Level 7 to 12: severely damaged
Level 13 to 18: badly damaged
Level 19 to 24: damaged
Level 25 to 30: severely battered
Level 31 to 35: badly battered
Level 36 to 42: badly dented
Level 43 to 49: dented
Level 50 to 50: good working order

Item Statistics

Size: 25 IP Fuel capacity: 120 units Fuel consumption: 1 unit/hour Max carryable: 2 Find rates 23.529411764706% - Power plant 15% - Industry 8% - Auto repair shop

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