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Power Plant

In Building Types


Power plants are important buildings that contain the control panels which maintain the electric power grid for the local district. Inside, usually on the highest floor of a power plant, players can find the power control panels for the local district. If the panels ever reach severely damaged or worse (10 HP and below), the power to the entire district will be lost, cutting off all buildings in that district. The loss of power turns out the lights of all buildings, prevents the use of any power dependent items such as computers or radios, and the find rates for item searching will be halved while a floors lights are out. Citizens can restore power to the district by repairing the power control panels to badly damaged and above. Due to this buildings importance in maintaining the cities power grid, power plants remain a focal point for zombie attacks.

Resource Depletion Rate

A Power Plant's resource points are depleted by 6% for every item found.

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