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Welcome to Quarantine 2019! If things seem complicated or confusing, then fear not! The game-guide will turn you into a pro in no time. If you're a current or former Urban Dead player, check out our Urban Dead Differences guide. Whether human or zombie there are many different styles of gameplay and many strategies for approaching the game. We're just going to focus on some facts that are universally true for both sides right now.

Sleeping outside is bad

Sleeping outside will get you killed. Although it is common to die while you are away, do everything you can to avoid it. As a human this means finding a safehouse to sleep in. As a zombie, this means finding a building you can enter or otherwise hiding your presence on the minimap in the top-left corner of the screen. Sleeping on the streets makes you visible to every player that is out and about - making you a prime target.

Stand up with more health

  • Humans stand up with 2x the number of EP they use to stand. For example: (25 EP) x (2 factor) = 50 HP.
  • Zombies stand with an additional 10 HP. For example: (10 EP) x (2 factor) + (10 HP bonus) = 30 HP.
  • Both the soldier class and the strong zombie class have an additional 10 HP stand-up bonus because their HP maximizes at 60 total.

Check out the Human or Zombie beginner guides.

This is really where you should be looking. In truth, zombie and human gameplay are very different.

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