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Urban Dead Differences

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If you have played or currently play Urban Dead, you'll notice that Quarantine gameplay shares many similarities. While UD players will adjust quickly to Quarantine game play, it's important to know the big differences.

Round Based Gameplay

Typically rounds last 3-4 weeks with occasional short 1 week rounds and longer 6 week long rounds. At the start of each round everyone is restarted back to level 0 so as to keep all the players on a level playing field. This also allows for players to experience numerous playstyles over the course of the game instead of spending months of time dedicated towards creating a specialized playstyle like in other online roleplaying games.

Faster Paced

You get one energy point (EP) every 7.5 minutes. It takes about 6 hours to go from 0 EP to 50 EP (full). This means you can use all your EP 2-4 times a day depending on how much free time you have to put into the game. Keep in mind that this means players who can play more cycles than you will tend to level up faster.

Death does not mean instant-zombification

In Quarantine 2019 you need to actually be infected to become a zombie. If you are lucky you can die numerous times before becoming a zombie. The only way for zombies to become humans is if a human injects them with an antidote.

Objective Based Gameplay

A big reason why we like playing Quarantine 2019 is the inclusion of actual win conditions for each team. Humans have to research the cure by collecting brain samples while fighting off the zombie attacks and keeping power and internet connections online in the city. The zombie win condition is to ruin the entire city before the humans can create the cure.

Distinct Character Classes

In Quarantine 2019 each character has to specialize into a class as opposed to the UD system which lets you learn every skill in the game. The human classes are: Scientist, Medic,Soldier,and Engineer. The zombie classes are: Infiltrator, Smart, and Strong. With distinct classes each character can fill an integral roll towards helping their team win.

No Freerunning

In UD where you can enter buildings under a certain barricade level and have a skill that let you travel to any adjacent buildings without having to go outside. In Quarantine2019 you can climb into a building with any barricade level and you cannot travel to adjacent buildings without going outside first. All human classes (including unclassed humans) can climb into buildings and Infiltrator class zombies can also climb inside buildings.

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